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  • +1 (650) 637-1616
  • cs@manorinc.com

Welcome to The Manor's Web Portal

During the next several months, The Manor will be transitioning to a new web portal! If you received your new 10-digit account number on your billing statement and a request to update your payment options, please click here to access The Manor Web Portal. A sample of the new billing statement and account number is provided below. To complete your registration, please have your account number readily available. Your new 10-digit account number can be found on your billing statement.

caliber login
If you have received your new ten-digit account number in your billing statement and a request to update your payment options, please contact (650) 637-1616 or email cs@manorinc.com.
Please choose one of the options below to process your association assessments payments and ensure your payments are properly credited to your account. Some payment options noted below are accessible through The Manor’s new portal.
  • Direct Debit (“ACH”) – *New Registration Required
  • Online Payment via e-check (electronic check) or credit card
  • Using your bank’s online bill pay service or 3rd party bill pay service
  • Personal check mailed with your statement stub
  • Click “Login User Portal” (top right corner of the page).
  • Click login on the Manor Web Portal option.
  • Click Create Login and enter your account number from your dues statement and your email address.
  • You will receive a confirmation email to complete your login and create a new password.
  • After logging into the web portal, click on the ACH/EFT tab to setup ACH/EFT
  • Click the Add New Account and Plan to fill out your bank information and set up your bank account. Enter “100” in the Distribution box and click save.
You can make one-time payments or set up recurring payments using an e-check (electronic check from your bank) or make credit card payments through a third-party service provider. There are fees connected to this option.
After logging into the web portal, click the Pay Now icon on the left side of the page and the CalPay Payment screen will appear. You can select the One-time payment or set a recurring payment. Please note, there is a third-party transaction fee for this service.
If you are currently using your bank’s Online Bill Pay or a 3rd party bill payment service, please delete the payment record and set up a new payment using the new account number and remittance address on your statement. Note that your account number and remittance address have changed. Please DO NOT edit the current payment record.
Mail your payment remittance stub and check, payable to your association, in the return envelope provided to the San Francisco payment address listed on the coupon. Please be sure to note the new account number on your check.