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Who We Are

We specialize in the management of planned communities, condominiums and townhomes, we have an unparalleled record of tenure in assisting multi-family associations. Our long-term experience in this field, along with the extensive relationships we have established with respected companies in the building trade, will be of great value to you.

We offer comprehensive solutions to help your community. In addition to our on-site property management services, our Internet gateway easily connects you with our management office. These online features provide you with convenience, savings and accessibility to essential information, and numerous management tools 24/7.

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What We Offer

  • Client-centric Support
  • Local Bay Area Expertise
  • In-house Services
  • Leading Technology
  • First Call Resolution
  • Reliable Vendor Networt

What We Stand For

Manor Association is committed to providing the best HOA management service in the Bay Area. We focus on strengthening communities by increasing communication between board members and residents while streamlining administrative and financial tasks. We do this by utilizing state-of-the-art technology alongside stellar customer support.

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Why Choose the manor inc.

Manor Association offers specialized services that fit your community association’s requirements while staying in budget.

Overcome Challenges

We use proven best practices to help build and manage communities. Our vast knowledge and end-to-end research allows us to implement advanced solutions and innovative service models that cater to our clients’ individual circumstances.

Expert Vendors

At Manor Association, we have a team of expert vendors, suppliers, and contractors. To get listed with us, all contacts must fill in the required forms within the portal and provide the requested documentation in order to receive approval.

Our Online Portal

Manor Association offers a comprehensive online portal as part of our solutions package. All parties, including board members and homeowners, can access discussion boards and messaging to stay connected and communicate effectively and efficiently. Web and mobile friendly.

Latest Technologies

Built with latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, with best practices and avoiding hacks and workarounds.

Customer Support 24/7

In addition to the online portal, Manor Association offers 24/7 assistance. All queries can be directed to us either by a call at (650) 637-1616 or by email at info@manorinc.com.


With Manor's in house accounting team, we make banking for everyone as easy as possible. From paying your HOA bills to getting your finances in line Manor has a full department team to help.

Let's Work Together

If you’ve been waiting to try out professional community association management services, now is the time to act. Manor Association is local to Northern California with decades of experience in the area. We’re equipped with skilled professionals who have the expertise to not only understand your concerns, but also to implement effective solutions. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. We truly listen to your needs.

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  • We are here to support you
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  • In house accouting team
  • Technology integration team
  • Free first time proposals
  • 24/7 Emergency Service

Our Departments


Community Management
Professional Certified Team

Community Management

The Association Community Manager’s primary mission is to support the Community Manager and management team in successfully fulfilling the company’s obligations to clients. This includes successfully managing and cultivating relationships with board members, owners and residents, and vendors. Our department’s goal is to support the management team so that they can proactively manage the physical components of the properties.

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Client Services

Client Services
Certified Trained Team

Client Services

Our client services team is at the heart of what we do at Manor Association. Every service we provide is backed by a dedicated team of customer service professionals who are committed to creating solutions on a regular basis. Serving a diverse portfolio of clients, our team is agile and adept when it comes to gauging customer needs and implementing the right fix. When you work with Manor Association, you get access to our on-site customer service group, who is at the ready whenever your association or individual homeowners have an issue or concern. What else makes our customer service so special? Let's find out.

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accouting team

Accounting Team
Certified Accountants


Ready for fully integrated accounting? It's finally here. Our online tools let you access financials, budgets, and other documents whenever you need them. And, everything is in real time so you don't have to wonder whether or not the data is up to date. Here's a sampling of the type of reports you can find through our technology.

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project management

Technology Teams
AST and Developer Team

Project Management

AST(Administration Support Team) provide all administrative support to all associations and property managers . We monitor internal and external communication to better service the need of our clients and property managers and answer inquiries from homeowners and certain vendors. We manage the audit and budget process to ensure timely delivery with collaboration with accounting department and external auditors. We enforce all association’s rule, regulation, and CC&R to ensure homeowner’s compliance. We update content for all association’s website. We ensure all homeowners, property manager and board of director receive support their need.

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We offer more possibilities to meet your every need

Our vast knowledge and end-to-end research allows us to implement advanced solutions and innovative service models that cater to our clients’ individual circumstances. Manor Association is truly the right place for you to ensure community association longevity, whether you’re shifting from an existing service provider or looking to alleviate your association’s current burden. We have trained executives and professionals here to guide you step by step no matter what.