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Full Charge Accounting

Banking Partner

Manor has recently partnered with Pacific Premier Bank (“PPB”) to support our association clients. PPB specializes in Homeowners Association Services. Their platform not only works seamlessly with Manor’s management software to ensure timely and accurate financial reporting, they provide a full complement of services for homeowners including easy and secure payment options for monthly assessments and customized support for any payment related problems. PPB also provides investment services for reserve accounts and other HOA services including construction and project loans specifically designed for homeowner associations.

Our founding partner often said, “If our clients don’t trust us to manage their money, they won’t trust us to manage anything else in their community”. We have taken those sentiments to heart over the years by installing industry best software and training to build a consistently reliable accounting team. In fact, the independent auditors in our industry frequently remark on the excellence and consistency of our accounting department. Our Financial Management services include:

  • Distribution of Monthly Maintenance Assessment Statements by first class mail or electronic delivery.
  • Assessment Collection and Deposit.
  • Establish operating account with leading industry banking partners.
  • Implementation of seamless software interface with banking partners to provide versatile payment and reporting services for owners and Board members.
  • Implementation of Delinquent Accounts Association’s Assessment Collection policy for collection of delinquent accounts.
  • Implementation of on-line invoice approval and disbursement authorization for Board members.
  • Provide timely information to assist the Board in establishing reserve accounts.
  • Maintain and distribute accurate and complete Financial Statements. Financial statements are distributed monthly to all Board members.
  • Prepare an annual draft budget to the Board of Directors.
  • Full Escrow support services.