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Customer Service

Our client services team is at the heart of what we do at Manor Association. Every service we provide is backed by a dedicated team of customer service professionals who are committed to creating solutions on a regular basis. Serving a diverse portfolio of clients, our team is agile and adept when it comes to gauging customer needs and implementing the right fix. When you work with Manor Association, you get access to our on-site customer service group, who is at the ready whenever your association or individual homeowners have an issue or concern. What else makes our customer service so special? Let's find out.

In-house Team

Our customer service team is as local as you can get. We are a completely in-house operation with an in-depth training program that fully prepares our agents for any call they receive. Homeowners get to talk to customer service representatives who are knowledgeable and instrumental in quickly reaching a solution for any given problem. Each member of our team can quickly analyze problems or questions from residents, determine the correct course of action, and dispatch the appropriate service provider for any issue that arises. Where appropriate, they can also direct the resident to necessary resources. This knowledge comes from living and working in the same area where our residents live. We don't outsource beyond Northern California, and we're proud to work alongside our customer service team each and every day.

24/7 Customer Support

Customer service is the hub of Manor's office. When a resident contacts our support team, incoming traffic is routed directly to customer service via either phone or email. The resident is then immediately connected – without any wait time. Representatives from our team are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Regardless of the issue or level of emergency, you can have your call answered when it's convenient for you. This level of support and responsiveness sets our community association apart from the rest and it's what makes us stand out as well. If you want to talk to real people to solve problems in real-time, then we're the right property management firm for your association.

One-call Resolution

Our completely in-house team is filled with well-trained customer service agents. Not only are they knowledgeable, they're also able to provide one-call resolution in almost any situation. What does that mean for you and your residents? No more waiting hours for a phone call to address your issue. Instead, our agents are trained to create an effective solution while you're still on the line. Whether you need access to documents, have an on-site emergency, or have a question about a violation, our team offers full-service support. Plus, we always have additional layers of management and quality control to ensure every customer interaction matches the same level of care and quality. Ready to have Manor's customer service team take care of your residents' questions and concerns? Contact us today for a free quote.