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Why Technology Matters

We love local, in-person attention, but also realize that top notch results rely on state of the art technology. With Manor Association, you receive access to integrated community association software, making it easy to stay on track with everything from finances to compliance. Here's what you can expect from our integrated suite of online technology offerings, which includes both Smartsheets and Smartwebs.

Resident Management

It's easy to stay on top of your association's resident management responsibilities while staying completely paper-free. Our technology allows you to collect information and requests in a stress-free manner. Need to collect payments for assessments and other fees? Everything can be handled through an automated online process. You can even send targeted group emails or mailings to distribute association information and documents. You'll also lower your association's administrative burden by supporting resident self-service and access to information. Use our technology to encourage education by providing information on neighborhood procedures and rules. You can even manage volunteer time and other localized resources – all with a simple login. Not only does our technology make resident management quicker and easier, it also makes it more accurate and reliable. That gives your association and your residents peace of mind knowing that their two most precious resources, their time and money, are being wisely managed.


Whether your community is a condominium or a planned development, there are always rules and procedures that must be monitored and enforced. But overseeing violations and compliance is not an easy or fun task for any homeowner’s association. With Manor's technology services, we take out the difficulty by implementing automated, hands-free compliance measures. Use GPS navigation to cite violations within the community. Then, have the software create automated letters with pictures, and even multiple violations merged within a single letter. You can even have them mailed with just a few clicks. Our online technology is that good. In addition to managing resident compliance, you can even track the status by property or by violation. Easily identifiable icons ensure that you can quickly and accurately assess the situation and make decisions in real-time.

Request Management

If your board is regularly inundated with requests, it can be difficult and time-consuming to vet each one individually. Manor Association's online services make the collaboration process as simple as possible. Residents can submit requests directly through the portal. From there, board members can review, comment and vote on requests without having to gather in person. Even responses can be communicated through the portal, making the entire process streamlined, efficient, and completely online.

Full Charge Accounting

Ready for fully integrated accounting? It's finally here. Our online tools let you access financials, budgets, and other documents whenever you need them. And, everything is in real-time so you don't have to wonder whether or not the data is up to date. Here's a sampling of the type of reports you can find through our technology: